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Buying All-Season Tires: What You Need to Know

2018-04-21 12:00:54

All season tires in Mississauga


Nothing signals the end of winter like switching out your winter tires for all-seasons. But what shape are your all-season tires in? If you need to buy new ones, there are a few things you need to know before making any purchases.


All-Season Tires vs. Other Tires


All-season tires offer an excellent level of performance for their value. They are steel-belted radial tires that have been designed to handle wet and dry conditions. The benefit to using all-season tires is your ability to keep them on your vehicle during spring, summer and fall. However, it’s recommended not to use them in any severe winter weather conditions.


There are many characteristics of all-season tires that make them a good choice for your vehicle. They are quieter than performance tires and are designed to channel water outward to prevent skidding or hydroplaning. All-season tires are constructed with durability in mind, they’re made from harder rubber compounds with softer side walls – which will last a long time.


What You Need to Know Before Buying All-Season Tires


1) Do your research and review tire safety ratings


Similar to making any large purchase, before buying tires ensure you’ve done your homework. You’ll be able to find consumer reports online to better understand what your vehicle needs are and understand the most up-to-date trends. Also, find out the traction rating for any tire that you’re considering buying. Look for a rating of A and AA for the best traction. If you need further assistance, the team at Xtreme Tire Garage are always willing to help.


2)  Find out the proper tire specifications


Not all tires are created equal, so make sure to check your vehicle for the exact tire specifications. You should note the tire width, aspect ratio, rim size and tread style, as well as what tire suits your car. Stick with a brand you trust or have researched. Look up both positive and negative reviews about the tires you’re considering to get a full picture of their effectiveness.


Once you’ve narrowed down your selections, take a look at the consumer rating, price, expected mileage, ability to accelerate and brake, and safety rating of the tires.


3) Inspect your current all-season tires  


Check the current tires on your vehicle. If your vehicle was bought previously-owned with all-season tires or your previous tires were of great value, write down the make and model. If you felt comfortable with them, try and find the same style. It’s always best to go with what you know and what you’re comfortable with.


If you plan on buying a vehicle that has used all-seasons, find out the mileage on them. Also, be diligent when studying them. Look for any treadwear, possible flat spots, uniformity and the overall condition of the tire. Saving a few dollars is not worth any risk on the roads.


All-Season Tires in Mississauga


If you’re buying new, go to trained professionals. At Xtreme Tire Garage we offer not only our expertise but also superior service and value. We’ll help you find the right tires for the best price. Check out our tire catalog or call us at (905)-274-8000 for a FREE quote today!