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The Right Michelin Tires For Your Vehicle

2018-02-15 12:00:41

Michelin tires 2018 sale.

Tires are an integral part of a vehicle but with so many various makes and models, it can seem overwhelming when it comes time to buy or replace them. Michelin tires are in a class of their own, and at Xtreme Tire Garage we’re the perfect auto shop in Mississauga to purchase and install high-quality tires. Take a look at what makes Michelin stand out from other brands and what model is best suited for your driving needs.


What Makes Michelin Tires Superior?


According to a 2017 Consumer Report, Michelin Tires scored the highest on a tire brand report card and there are many reasons, including:


  • Research: Michelin studies driving habits, road conditions and tire usage to better understand what makes a great tire.
  • Materials: They develop and combine over 200 and more elements into their tires, and expertly manufacture each tire. They specifically engineer their own machines if needed.
  • Design: Michelin creates, designs, and uses simulators to test out their designs. Only the best-tested make it to the next stage of production.
  • Testing: They perform superior testing. They put over 1.6 billion test kilometres on their tires. That’s almost 40 times around the world!


Learn More About Michelin Tire Models


Michelin makes models of tires for all vehicle types and driver needs. Check our Xtreme Tire catalogue to see the full range of makes and models. Below are just a few of the available best-rated tire models we recommend:


Michelin Defender – IntelliSipe Technology grip maximizes the number of sipes in the tire, which allows you to brake confidently when you need to most. Stops shorter and lasts up to 33,000 km longer than a leading competitor. It also saves you money on fuel.


Michelin Energy LX4 – Their trademarked Comfort Control Technology reduces vibrations and road noises. MaxTouch Construction helps your tires roll easier for better fuel efficiency, and they come with an 80,000-km limited warranty.


Michelin Latitude Tour – Special rubber compounds and a wide groove tread design will give you greater confidence while driving in wet conditions. Save over 300 litres of fuel over the life of the tires with special tread compounds that reduce rolling resistance.


Michelin LTX M/S2 – Incredible durability due to its built-in steel belts, these tires will stop shorter for added safety. Better lateral water evacuation helps you stop up to 2.2 metres sooner than leading competitors’ tires.


Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 – An aggressive asymmetric tread pattern allows for shorter wet and dry braking than leading competitors. Substantial amounts of silica in the tread adds improved mobility in cold weather or light winter conditions.


Install Michelin Tires in Mississauga!


At Xtreme Tire Garage, we live and breathe tires. Which is why we love brands like Michelin who invest in thorough research and dedicated care when manufacturing their tires. Our team of specialists will help you choose the best tires suited for your vehicle and budget. Get your Michelin tires in Mississauga today! Call us at 905-274-8000 or contact us to book an appointment.